About Cooler Becky

As of 31/08/12, Cooler Becky is an independent 26-year-old Christian of South East Asian descent. She is currently living in Sydney, Australia and shares a highly-rise apartment with 2 rats.

Cooler Becky spends her days studying to be an accountant and spends her nights hitting the books hard or chilling out at her house reading books, playing video games, taking fencing and trapeze lessons or roleplaying with her friends. She usually vegetates on the weekends, but always makes a point to attend church on Sunday evenings.

Like most girls her age, Cooler Becky has been unable to find work but is working on changing that. She currently works as a temp for a number of agencies.

Cooler Becky can be contacted through this blog or through her E-mail cooler(dot)becky(at)gmail(dot)com.

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