Posted by: coolerbecky | August 30, 2012

The Byronic Man

I recently discovered that my best friend, Lacey, is related to the Lord Byron, the celebrated poet who squandered his family’s fortunes in gambling and aristocratic excess. Lord Byron is, of course, very much famed for his contributions to the Gothic movement of the British Romantic era through his creation of the Byronic hero – flawed and most tragical anti-hero characters.

He also invented Vampyres with a Y, which makes him doubly responsible for the travesty of literature that is The-Series-Of-Books-Which-Must-Not-Be-Named and its ill begotten offspring Unsafe-Bondage-For-The-Highly-Unintelligent

I have therefore instituted a new policy whereby Lacey gets punched in the arm whenever she brings up anything to do with the ridiculous sparkly sods and their get. It is my way of getting revenge on their original progenitor via his actual offspring.

In other news, Lacey is returning from Japan soon. I can hardly wait.

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