Posted by: coolerbecky | October 24, 2011

Sweet Sunday (Belated Edition): Hold Me Now

This week’s Sweet Sunday is brought to you by ballet and scheduling difficulties. This beautiful Anime Music Video is made by Tidirium Studios using clips from Princess Tutu. I love the timing and the pacing of this music video quite a lot – the way Miss Panaccio works the timing of the ballet moves to the music works very well.

Princess Tutu is actually a most excellent piece of Japanese animation, a series that is neither too long, nor too short. It tells the story about a prince who breaks his heart when fighting a monster crow, the story of the Magical Princess who loves the prince and wishes to help him regain his heart and the story of an Evil Princess who corrupts the Prince’s heart superimposed over a backdrop of ballet students learning to dance at a prestegious ballet academy. The above video does a fairly good job of summarising the series, but it’s still worth the watch because of its excellent execution.

Princess Tutu has fairly good pacing and the references to classical ballet performances such as Swan Lake and Giselle are very informative. I learned a lot about ballet terms when watching this show and enjoyed looking out for ballet shout-outs whenever they happened. Most of the music in the show is derived from famous ballet works as well, making it wonderful to listen to as well as to watch. I’ll probably do a more in-depth review of this show at some point, so do look out for it.

The music for this video is provided by one Nanne Grönvall, a Swedish singer who is slightly less weird than Bjork, but only slightly1. The song used in the video, Håll om mig, is one of her most famous songs and has sold more than 10,000 copies in Sweden after topping the single charts for 2 weeks. She’s recently released a new album, En rastlös själ, though I’m unsure as to its availability in foreign markets.

1I believe she once wore Spock ears and a purple wig to the Melodifestivalen for her performance of Avundsjuk. But then again, it being the Melodifestivalen, that may as well have been the uniform.

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