Posted by: coolerbecky | April 30, 2011

Lacy Dreams

I’ll admit that ever since Project Runway went to air, I’ve started to pay a little more attention to fashion. This isn’t to say that I love fashion – far from it. I simply have a little more appreciation for the designs that go into the clothes I wear.  One of my favourite contestants on Project Runway is the world’s campiest designer, Austin Scarlett.

I love Austin.  He’s gayer than a basketful of kittens over a rainbow.  Even his name is absolutely fabulous. Every time Austin graces the screen, his hair is immaculate and his makeup even more so.

His designs are great too.  There’s something about the frilly froufrouness of his dresses that makes the little girl inside me squeal with joy1.  Unfortunately, Austin never did make it to the finals of the series, the judges having tired of his design aesthetic in the episode just preceding the selection of the top three finalists.

I recently discovered that since the show, Austin designed some wedding gowns for Kenneth Pool’s 2007 collection – Kenneth Pool being one of those highly expensive haute coutoure dress companies of the same ilk as Vera Wang and Vivienne Westwood.  So, crazed fan of the show that I am, I decided to check them out.

After looking at gown after gown in the Kenneth Pool collection, I started to think about the kind of wedding dress I’d be wearing at my own wedding.

Will I even have a wedding?  How on earth would the logistics for such a wedding work?  Would I have it in Singapore or Australia?  What if my husband-to-be were from the USA?  That would increase the number of possible wedding venues by a factor of 1.5!  Would my friends fly over to Singapore for a wedding?  Would my family fly to Australia for a wedding?

By the time I started thinking about bridesmaids, I realised that my wedding will still be a long way off.  I suppose all girls dream of walking down the aisle. Pursuing a career is all well and good, but there will always be that unspoken pressure on girls to get married someday. Even I want to marry someone I love someday, raise a family and settle down. It’s nice to dream.

Incidentally, the wedding dress trend of tight fishtail butt bodices that explode into a pile of lace and feathers needs to stop.  It does the model no favours and it won’t do any favours for a normally proportioned woman either2.

1Though I have to admit that I was not in love with that bizzare wedding gown that he designed in Episode 5.  What on Earth was he smoking when he made that?
2Seriously, it looks like as if someone took some cords and tied her knees and thighs together, then stuck her in some white sacking.



  1. where did you buy this dress i love and want one like this one for my wedding!!!!

    • Sorry for taking so long to get back to you. As stated in the post, the dress is from Kenneth Pool’s collection. You can check their stocklist by hitting one of the links in the post.

      The picture is not of me, but has been taken from Kenneth Pool’s pictures.

  2. Where did you find this dress. It is not on the Kenneth Pool collection website 😦

    • To be honest, I have no idea. I saved this picture ages ago when I was surfing the net for pictures of dresses I didn’t like. I really have no idea where I got it from…

      I’m making a more concerted effort to properly give credit to pictures I find on the net, but this one was found ages ago. I guess I should take it down. <_<

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