Posted by: coolerbecky | September 13, 2010

Just like Mama Used to Make

One of the great things about having a Flying, Cooking and Gardening Mama in your house is that you don’t really have to cook when she’s visiting and you’ll still be able to enjoy every meal. This is especially true for my mother, who is an excellent cook. She could probably turn out a three-course meal from a handful of gravel under a rock.

This is not to say that I am a bad cook. It’s just that I happen to specialise in desserts. Ask me to bake a cake, make a pie or whip up an ice cream, and I will gladly oblige. Ask me to cook anything more complicated than the most basic of stews and I will have to respectfully decline on the basis that I lack the skills1. Anyway, my oddly clumsy cooking style has led my mother to request that I indulge in kitchen activities only when she is not present so that she need not constantly fear for my life/fingers every time I start cooking.

Who am I to argue with logic like that?

The absolute best thing about this whole situation is that Mum has fully stocked my fridge with her brand of home cooked meals so that I won’t starve while she’s away visiting the Floriade2 in Canberra3 with my Aunt and Uncle. It’s really nice to know that she cares for me so much that she’d do something like that.

It’s really quiet in the house while she’s gone, but I can still feel her presence through her tasty food.

1Besides, I don’t really like the way oil sputters in a pan as if it were plotting to spray all over you and cover you with burns. It’s up to something, I’m sure of it.
2Gardening Mama was pretty angry that I killed all her plants, so she’s going to stock up on more plants for me to kill.
3People used to say that Canberra was the most boring state in Australia. I didn’t believe them. Until I actually went to Canberra.



  1. lol, Becky. enjoy. your mum’s cooking is lovely. your mum is lovelier. 🙂

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