Posted by: coolerbecky | September 12, 2010

Sweet Sunday: Sentimental Generation

Today’s Sweet Sunday is inspired by Gaijin Chronicles, a blog about the trials and tribulations of Azrael, an African-Californian in the Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme.

Even though the song is annoyingly repetitive and comes from a fairly mediocre anime, I love this video. To me, it’s a work of art.

The main reason why I like this video so much is because (like any good music video should1) it tells a great story. There’s just something about the idea that tough, yakuza-like highschool boys would duke it out over a piece of yakisoba bread that keeps me amused. The singer, Tokito Ami, isn’t exactly one of Japan’s A-list celebrities, she’s really only made five singles, most of which were for anime, but she really shines in this video. There’s just something about the innocent way she manages to bounce down those hallways behind the psychotic boy who’s busy beating up the entire student body that makes me keep watching this video over and over again.

The fake kung-fu choreography is great too! Even their expressions are hilarious. Check the freeze frame that they have at 1:18 to 1:25. If you look closely, you’ll notice that those guys aren’t actually paused – they’re literally standing in a hallway, holding as still as they can while the camera pans around them twice and keeping the dumbest expressions on their faces for the entire time.

I hate to admit it, but Tokito Ami’s pre-packaged cuteness is probably also a deciding factor. I’m intensely jealous of the woman. I wish I was capable of pulling off that sweet and cheerful meganekko look.

Then again, maybe I don’t. I kinda like me the way I am.

1…but don’t for some reason. Hip-hoppers and R&B singers, I’m glaring at you in particular. You’ve ruined the music video scene with your annoying gyrating women and lack of storyline.


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