Posted by: coolerbecky | September 5, 2010

Sweet Sunday – Double Rainbow

WARNING: Today’s Sweet Sunday may not necessarily be child-friendly due to general weirdness.

The Gregory Brothers are a little family music outfit who enjoy turning normal youtube videos or bits of the news – all sorts of things, really, into music videos with the help of auto-tune.

Not all of their work is particularly good. Some of them are pretty embarrassing to watch like the Daddy and Mommy song (definitely not safe for work), but some of them are kind of silly, like the Backing Up song, which is kind of weird.

That being said, the double rainbow song is based on this video posted by Yosemite Bear, a rather strange gentleman who subscribes to the whole native Indian lifestyle and is “living off the land” in an area that’s somewhere close to Yosemite National Park.

Since Yosemite Bear’s double rainbow video has made him somewhat internet famous, he has since been hired by Microsoft to do an advertisement based on it, which I thought was a rather successful application.

Well, I suppose this teaches us all to enjoy the little things in life. Like double rainbows full on across the sky.



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