Posted by: coolerbecky | September 3, 2010

New Directions

Obvious gLee references aside, Cooler Becky has just been offered a really great new job as a conference producer1 at a wonderful place called Terrapinn, after a series of interviews which required her to make a mock conference called “Private Equity World Australia 2010” 2. Apparently, my work was impressive enough for them to hire me, despite the fact that the last person who employed me gave me one of the worst possible references ever. It’s good to get a second chance.

Terrapinn’s mission statement is “use your brain” and it’s about as zen a workplace as you can get. Apparently, the guy who founded it is a strong believer in Buddhism, so the office is all Feng-Shuied up. While I don’t personally believe in the whole luck balancing nonsense that goes right through the heart of Feng Shui, I do recognise that the concept does bring some aesthetic value to interior design and it’s quite commonsensical.

I’m totally excited about working for Terrapinn. The company has an excellent training and mentorship program and is also has a very strong commitment to corporate social responsibility, which I find very attractive in a workplace. The fact that it’s not a cubicle farm is an even bigger plus. I kinda like the open office plan.

I guess in the end, getting dropped from my previous job was a blessing in disguise. It’s put me in the right frame of mind to fully appreciate this new company that I’m working for and I’m definitely going to give them my best.

1Conferences don’t produce themselves, you know. They really need some producing.
2Turns out they liked my work so much that they ended up putting me in charge of the Private Equity World Australia 2011. Seriously, check it out at


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