Posted by: coolerbecky | August 31, 2010

The Long Walk

I think every young person new to a job has this nightmare.

“I need to see you in my office.” He said to me.

From the way he said it, I knew it would not be good. I stood up and walked to his office. The road there was endlessly long. I dragged my feet. The door closed behind me with a click. I sat down. I looked at him. She was there too.

“Your performance has improved.” he said, “But not enough. We’ll have to let you go. Please clean out your desk.”

I knew it. I nodded. They looked at me.

“It’s the times.” she said. Sympathetic. Trying to make me feel better.

“If you have any questions…”

My face was hot. I shook my head. Smiled.

“No, it’s okay.” Lying through my teeth, “I already have something else lined up. I’ll be fine.”

And then… there was nothing. What could I have done better?

Many things.

But for now, all I can do is clean up and go home.

This post was written well in advance, but posted recently because the blog wasn’t updating properly. It took me that long to come to terms with my unemployment. Cooler Becky is currently employed somewhere else and an announcement post for that will be going up soon.


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