Posted by: coolerbecky | May 2, 2010

Sweet Sunday – Blue Sunny Sky

I have always respected the amount of time and effort it takes to learn another language. Sign language is particularly difficult and embarrassing for hearing people to learn because of the variety of facial expressions that you need to display in order to communicate effectively. I particularly like this interpretation of Jonathan Coulton’s song because Captain Valor has an extremely expressive face. He’s also very creative with the use of the language.

I’ve always found the topic of vampires1 to be very unhappy. I mean, it must be a pretty miserable lifestyle – shut up in a coffin during the day, unable to handle your own lust for blood and unable to see the sunshine. It’s probably quite depressing, actually.

Remind me never to become a vampire.


You can find more of Captain Valor’s American Sign Language work at his Youtube channel or at his blog.

1In this case, I am referring to vampires who drink blood, shun garlic and burn to ashes in the sun. I am not referring to modern interpretations of vampires like Sissy McSparklepants and his needy Mary Sue girlfriend2.
2Bias? Me? Against vampire porno romance? Perish the thought!


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