Posted by: coolerbecky | March 21, 2010

Sweet Sunday – Circle of Life

Before you start complaining about my Disney bias, please be quiet and just watch…

Yeah, I thought so too.

The first time I watched this performance, it was with my sister. She had managed to get me a ticket for my birthday and went to see it with me. Since I had just been terribly let down by the musical version of Beauty and the Beast, I was fairly cynical and disappointed with the present, despite repeated assurances from my sister that the musical was actually good.

When that slatted sun rose over the stage, I was completely sold on the idea. Then, the elephants walked in… I was completely swept away by the quality of the production, the beauty of everything in it. It was just jaw droppingly wonderful.

To this day, this musical remains one of my favourite musicals ever. I can really appreciate all the work that goes into it. It brings me back a little bit of that special memory of sharing an evening with my sister on my birthday doing sisterly bonding things. It was probably one of my best birthdays ever.

Thanks Sis!


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