Posted by: coolerbecky | March 4, 2010

Geoffrey Chauncer Hath a Blogge

To Noble Sirs and Gentle Ladies all, I send thee greetings!

I hath of late been reading of Sir Geoffrey Chauncer whose hand The Canterbury Tales hath writ. That selfsame hand ‘pon a blogge hath writ.

Within the confines of the Internette, Sir Chauncer waxeth most poetic on the subject of the many strange and wondr’us things which do occur in fair London towne. He writeth great many tales about the latest fashions of the gentry, including that most fascinating romance, Serpents on a Shippe, which did set ablaze the courts and stages of London Town and also of the strange object of alchemy the Exboxe CCCLX, which doth the homes of the gentry keep light and merry.

Sir Geoffrey Chauncer Hath a Blogge and ye do thyself a great favour in the reading of it.

So endeth my letter.

Thine friend,
Lady Cooler Becky1

1Who, by her own admission, speaketh and writeth poorly the tongue of middle English.

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