Posted by: coolerbecky | February 16, 2010

Dear Candidate…

…Thank you for forwarding your details to us.

We have now reviewed your details with regards to your application. Unfortunately we are not currently handling any assignments which specifically match your skill set and experience.

Please keep in contact with us regarding your employment status and continue to look at our website for future contract and permanent opportunities, as these are continually updated.

We wish you all the best in your search for a suitable role.

Yours sincerely,
Jobseeking Company

…My director has asked me to email you to say thank you for taking the time to come in for an interview and we apologise for the delay in getting back to you.

As you can imagine, we were inundated with quality applications for this job, which has made the selection process very difficult. We regret that we are unable to take your application further.

We wish you every success for the future.

Kind regards,
A Secretary

…Thank you for your application for the position. The response was very encouraging with a diversity of highly experienced applicants for this field.

After consideration of all the necessary elements of this role, I write to inform you that on this occasion your application has not been successful.

We thank you for your interest and the time taken to make your application.

Best wishes,
Automated Messaging System

…Thank you for contacting us to assist you with your job search.

Apologies for the delay in responding to your application, I experienced a very high response to the job advertised. This position is filled so I’m not able to take your application any further.

I would like to maintain your details for other job opportunities. Please take advantage of our online newsletter, which will provide you with regular updates of the new roles we are working on direct to your email account.

We wish you every success with your career in the future, and should your circumstances change we would appreciate your notifying us.

Kind regards,
Jobfinding Specialist



  1. ERK… though at least they had the respect to tell you about it, I often get nothing in the way of rejection information, the people just vanish.

  2. That. Sucks.

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