Posted by: coolerbecky | February 13, 2010

I Like Birds

Today’s post has a theme song because theme songs are AWESOME!

The theme song for today’s post is “I Like Birds” by the Eels. I have placed a handy AMV below for your reference.

It has been ridiculously hot and humid in Australia of late. Stupidly so, even. My friends and I were mobbed by thirsty flies when we decided to go for ice cream. As a result, the following conversation took place…

Me: (Shooing away flies) Get away, you horrid little creature!
Drew: It’s just a fruit fly…
(Faraway voice) Yeah. Flies are tasty…

(Long pause while Drew and I exchange looks of confusion.)

Tai: (Faraway voice) …for spiders.

(Long pause while Drew and I try and work out the point of this statement.)

Tai: (Faraway voice) And spiders are tasty…

(Long pause while Drew and I wait for the rest of the sentence.)

Tai: (Faraway voice) …for birds.

(Long pause because this is starting to get into a familiar pattern.)

Tai: (Faraway voice) And birds are… pretty.
Tai: I can make a longer list of animals if you like…
No, we’re good, thanks.

Tai is indeed truly very one with nature.


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