Posted by: coolerbecky | February 8, 2010

Breakfast, Singapore Style – Roti Prata

(Bonus points if you’re eating it with your hands – no utensils allowed.)

You cannot possibly mention the words “Breakfast in Singapore” and not mention this crispy, flaky, artery-clanging, doughy delight. As a Singaporean, I’m pretty sure that I’m contractually obligated from birth to talk about Roti Prata in any series I do about delicious breakfasts.

Roti prata is Singapore’s answer to the pancake1. The dish comprises of a flat bread-like dough made of fat, flour and water, which is then fried in a pan until it’s about the size of a CD, with a texture that’s similar to that of a croissant. Roti Prata is usually served with curry, usually a fish curry, dhal char (a sort of spicy chickpea goo) or sugar.

This local Singaporean variation (i.e. Small and crispy) of the original dish was made famous by some place in Jalan Kayu, starting one of the many food motivated “wars” in Singapore. Many places will boast the original Jalan Kayu recipe and the two largest stalls selling the dish along the original road are FIERCELY territorial and liable to bite if provoked.

Another reason for the awesomeness of Roti Prata in Singapore is the pure variety of dishes that you can get involving this one foodstuff. You can get it with egg added to the dough, you can get it without egg added to the dough, you can get it with egg and onions, you can get it with cheese, you can get it with durian and cheese2 … the possibilities are almost endless.

Savoury or sweet, Roti Prata is well worth a good try. As for Cooler Becky’s favourite variations? “Plain with no egg” for eating with curry, ice cream or honey.

If you’re planning to make this at home, there are actually a number of pretty good frozen Roti Prata brands out there. Check them out the next time you’re at an Asian grocery store. Springhome is my favourite brand because it’s easy to prepare and needs no defrosting whatsoever for results that are almost identical to the original thing.

For those of you looking for a challenge, however, Singapore Local Favourites has a pretty good from scratch recipe and video here.

1Well, technically, it’s also Malaysia’s answer to the pancake as well, but they call it Roti Canai and therefore, it doesn’t count! Nyah!
2Though why you’d want to is beyond me. Ewww.


  1. There are two versions, the creamy kind and the crispy kind. I prefer the good ole creamy kind anytime! Can’t compare prata with pancakes.. prata beats them all!

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