Posted by: coolerbecky | January 23, 2010

Things to do… Any Night

If you’re a bit of a DVD collector, you might notice that a lot of the DVDs that in your collection have probably been sitting on the shelf gathering dust after you’ve watched them once or twice. Well, that and that they’ve been released (mostly) Internationally.

What does an International release have to do with anything? An International release means that most DVDs have been translated for foreign audiences have alternative language tracks. Take a look at the two videos below and compare!

This is the original…

And now… in Japanese!

You might learn a new language or bolster your knowledge in current languages to speak. It’s common knowledge that the fastest way to learn a language is to hear it being spoken (and to speak it often, but that’s not the point here). It’s interesting to see how things are interpreted in a foreign language. Music gets a different rhythm, lyrics are rewritten and jokes are often reworked for a better cultural fit.

So, why not get out a bottle of cheap champagne (or expensive champagne if you’re rich) and get your money’s worth out of that DVD you bought by watching it from a fresh (and foreign) perspective.

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