Posted by: coolerbecky | December 24, 2009

Safe Landing

Landed in Singapore safely this evening. It’s good to be back on home concrete.

There was some trouble at the check-in counter because apparently, BA only allows you to check in one piece of luggage at a 23kg maximum. My big suitcase was just underneath the 23kg weight limit but I had two suitcases to check in. Thankfully, the smaller suitcase that I owned was just underneath the carry-on luggage allowance so I was allowed to bring it on the flight. Unfortunately, that meant that I had to repack my luggage at the check-in counter because I had gels and liquids and stuff inside my small carry on. What a pain. Still, nothing seems to have been damaged in flight, so I must be thankful for that, at least.

Buzz Off!  I'm listening to music!The Sydney airport sure has changed. There’s a lot more shops in it than there were before. There’s also a lot more rest areas, although internet in the airport still isn’t free. (Stupid Telstra muttermutter…) I purchased a pair of headphones of the “Buzz off, I’m listening to awesome music!” variety from the duty free shop. They even included some sort of feature called “noise reduction”, which I’d never seen before, but which actually worked quite well on the plane – turning on the feature actually dimmed the sound of the airplane engines while increasing the sound of whatever it was plugged in to. Nifty. The feature drains batteries though, so you have to keep the headphones loaded with a triple-A battery at all times.

I had lunch at the airport while waiting for my flight – a McDonald’s double cheeseburger and a Godiva chocolate milkshake. I figured that the high-classedness of Godiva would more than make up for the burger. Somedays, you just want to eat a Maccas burger. Maybe it’s because I haven’t been eating my daily requirement of lard and oil.

Dinner on the flight was reconstituted turkey floating in gravy with some sort of greenish goo, which I can only assume were peas of some kind. The carrots, at least, were solid. I watched a few movies and took advantage of the free flow of delicious cranberry juice.

The best part of the journey was meeting my parents at the arrival gates. It always makes me thrill with joy when that happens.

Well, I’m exhausted from my flight so I think I’ll pass out now.

You can check out my cool new headphones at They are Philips SBC HN110s.

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