Posted by: coolerbecky | December 23, 2009

Jetstar Panic!

So, this morning, I got up at about 5 AM to make sure that all my stuff was in order for the flight home. Thank goodness I did too, because Jetstar sent me an SMS at about the same time telling me that the flight to Darwin was cancelled.

Now, to refresh everyone’s memory, my flight to Darwin is actually for me to pick up a connecting flight to Singapore. So, if it’s cancelled, there’d be no way I’d get back home for the holidays.

This distressing news got me out of bed in a jiffy, let me tell you! I immediately rang the Jetstar hotline to ask what’s what. After a stressful few minutes fumbling my way through their multi-layered (and very confusing) automatic voice system (which, incidentally, had no “back” options, so if you’ve chosen the wrong option, sucks to be you.), I finally got through to a real live person who told me that I had the option of flying the next day or having the Darwin my flight refunded.

Half a refund?! FLYING THE NEXT DAY?! What gives, Jetstar?!

It was far too late in the day to book another flight to Darwin that would allow me to catch the next plane on time.  Not to mention, the second plane probably wouldn’t wait for me like it would if there was a connecting flight. PLUS the fact that they’d only give me a partial refund.

Well, to Jetstar’s credit, they actually fixed the issue after I lambasted the unfortunate phone operator – my nerves were shot and I was not a happy camper. Well, I didn’t exactly yell at her, but I was quite irate sounding in my opinion. That counts as a good lambasting, right?

In any case, Jetstar fixed the flight issue in a jiffy, booking me a straight flight to Singapore on BA, which is quite an upgrade from a budget airline. At least this time, I’m getting food on the flight, which is always a good thing. I’d hate to go 8 hours without a single bite. Plus, the flight actually lands in Singapore around the same time as the original Jetstar flight. That, and it’s always a good sign when you have a direct flight instead of having to rush about at the airport. Still, I totally didn’t need the stress or panic that I had this morning.

Not happy, Jetstar.

That being said, I’d best get back to packing. My ride’s coming soon and I don’t want to have forgotten anything. Adios amigos!

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