Posted by: coolerbecky | December 10, 2009

Christmas Cake

Fear the STALENESSToday is my birthday. Today, I officially enter into the “Christmas Cake” phase of my life!

For those of you not in the know, “Christmas Cake” is some sort of outdated Japanese concept that a woman reaches her 25th year, she is now Christmas Cake. Like Christmas Cake on the 25th of December, she’s beautiful and wonderful (needs to get married now now now). After the 25th of December, the Japanese Christmas Cake, which is more like a strawberry shortcake than a long-lived fruit cake, goes stale. I really don’t think I need to add a comparison here.

Well, Christmas or not, here’s hoping that my 25th year doesn’t quite suck as badly as my 23rd and 24th years. ^_^

I’ll give more details on my party later… or then again, maybe I won’t.


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