Posted by: coolerbecky | December 8, 2009

Test Drive

As of today, I am a proud owner of an NSW Learner’s License! Mwahahaa… City streets of Sydney, watch out!

To be honest, I failed the Driver’s Knowledge Test the first time I had a go at it, so I wasn’t too confident about my chances this time. The first time I took the test, I was completely floored by the sheer number of questions involving animals on the road. For example, one of the questions that completely floored me had a picture of a koala outline on a yellow sign with the question, “What speed should you be traveling at when you see this sign?” Another set of questions were obsessed with cows on the road. “What do you do when you see cows on the road?” “What does this sign (picture of two cows and the word 10km) mean?”

Naturally, being a big city girl, I hadn’t a clue and answered completely wrongly. However, this time, I was prepared. I knew what koala speed was and I was completely ready for any questions about cows.

(Incidentally, if you’re wondering what koala speed is, it’s 25 km/h. Also, when you see cows on the road, slow down and they apparently get out of the way. Picture of 2 cows standing next to the words 10km means cows on the road for the next 10km.)

So, I was rather surprised when the second question in the test I took began with the words: “If you take illegal drugs…”

Illegal drugs? Is this a trick question?! If I answer yes or no, will police officers suddenly swarm the building and arrest me?

What really surprised me, however, was the fact that there was no option in the test that I could take to declare myself illegal drug free. The obvious option, of course, was to select the option not to drive. Still, the questions in the latest iteration of the DKT are really reminiscent of an overly concerned parent of some teenage delinquents, with few questions involving actual road rules and markings and a metric tonne of them involving drinking, illegal drugs and drag racing. All of which are pretty easily answered by common sense.

(Incidentally, drinking, illegal drugs and drag racing – should not be done while driving. If you do so, I did not suggest it and you didn’t see me.)

In any case, having successfully navigated the test, I am now a proud owner of my very own Learner’s License. Hopefully, this time, I won’t crash into any trees during my driving lessons.

Also, I won’t be drinking, doing illegal drugs or drag racing anytime soon.

If you’re curious, you can take a sample version of the DKT at the RTA website at



  1. Hey, if you want to really enjoy the freedom you’ve been granted, you can get a whole mess of drive-through meals with your sleezy friends and have a safari! *Is the only one of your friends who is sleezy.* o.0

    Glad your enjoying your life,

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