Posted by: coolerbecky | July 19, 2009

Food(ish) Week

Masterchef Australia has just had its grand finale – the final showdown between home-cooking mother of two Julie Goodwin and Chinese Malaysian painter Poh Ling Yeow.

With her keen attention to detail and quality meals, Julie has been announced the winner the title of Australia’s first Masterchef, netting a prize of $100,000 in cash, chef training from leading professional chefs and a chance to have her own cookbook published.

As runner up, Poh hasn’t left the competition empty handed either, having been invited on a paid flight to Los Angeles to work for guest judge Curtis Stone, one of Australia’s most famous chefs.

Now that the battle of the amateur chefs is over, what will Australia do without the daily dose of quality cuisine from Masterchef contestants gracing the screen? While cooking schools all over Australia have reported an increase in enrollments due to the success of the series, there’s certainly still a lull without the nightly eye candy of delectable dishes.

Therefore, to continue the celebration of Australian food, I have decided to dedicate the next two weeks of blogging to food where you can find it – in Sydney, online and at home! Well, more or less… I do still reserve the right to write about wicked-cool things if they do occur.

In any case, I hope you enjoy the upcoming Food(ish) Weeks, brought to you by My Life, Only That Much Cooler!


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