Posted by: coolerbecky | July 17, 2009

Smashed Guitars and Holiday Plans

So, apparently not every band likes to smash their guitars. The following video was recently released by the folk-singing Canadian duo, Sons of Maxwell, about their trip to Nebraska with United Airlines in 2008.

According to a statement written by the band’s singer-songwriter, Dave Carroll, poor treatment of luggage by United Airlines baggage handlers resulted in severe damage to his expensive Taylor guitar. His attempts to alert ground staff to the situation were met with indifference and subsequent attempts to get compensation from United Airlines for the damages were ultimately unsuccessful until he posted the video on Youtube.

Currently, United Airlines is in discussion with Dave Carroll about his guitar and have announced their intention to use the song as a training video for ground staff and baggage handlers. To cash in on the free PR, Taylor Guitars has also given an official statement, announcing the opening of their new Factory Service centre and offering customers a discount on their guitar refresh service packages in a “travel relief” special.

It takes lot of banging about to damage an instrument that’s been stored in a hard case. Most guitar cases are pretty sturdy and can protect the guitar within from a lot of abuse. The aviation standards of most countries allow for instruments to be brought on aircraft, provided that they are packed in secure cases.

Travelling has become quite disastrous of late, even Alice Cooper managed to lose a suitcase at London’s Heathrow airport last month. On a larger scale, there have been three major plane crashes in the last two months, not to mention the terrifying spread of swine flu.

I’m actually planning to visit California (Los Angeles, Antelope Valley and Anaheim) in April next year. I had originally intended to travel on a cheaper airline to shave some money off my budget, but now, I’m not so sure that I’m confident about travelling any longer.  If you have any suggestions for things I should be doing in California or ideas as to how I can shave precious dollars off my budget, let me know by commenting on this post, or via E-mail at cooler(dot)becky(at)gmail(dot)com.

Otherwise, for more information about Dave Carroll, you can get to his website at He’s got plenty of music there that doesn’t have anything to do with airline blues and has recently released a new album, Perfect Blue. Alternatively, you can check out the Sons of Maxwell website at

If you want to find out about Dave Carroll’s guitar and travelling with guitars in general, visit Taylor Guitars at


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