Posted by: coolerbecky | July 15, 2009

A Much Needed Vamp

AliceCooper.comIf you’re a fan of Alice Cooper, then you’ve probably noticed that the official website,, has undergone a major facelift and has even been renamed!

The website is now called “The Official Community of Alice Cooper” and boasts a much more streamlined design. It has also expanded to include new community elements with features including a blog for news from the inside, improved discography with official lyrics and links to iTunes as well as a fresh mailing list that allows International membership.

Fans will also be able to access a membership area, which allows them to comment on news posts and get special deals on tickets, VIP passes, “best seats” presales and a whole bunch of other merchandise. Site maintainers say that they have many more special things planned for the community in the future, so there’ll be plenty to look forward to.

So, if you like Mr Cooper’s music and want to be part of a bigger community, get yourself a membership at and join the rest of Alice’s minions, maidens and other sick things.

Also, if you’re a regular reader of My Life, Only That Much Cooler, you may have noticed that a new and shiny “About Cooler Becky” section has been put up. You can find out about Cooler Becky there, if you haven’t already read her resume.


  1. Well done Alice & well done Becky (on the writing).

    Oddly enough, the Sydney show is on Alice’s tour page, but surrounding shows are.

    There are some greatpix of the Alice and the band on stage in drag w/ the Scorpions! That in the blog section.

    All the best,

    • I’ve seen them. My eyes. They burn.

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