Posted by: coolerbecky | July 14, 2009

Year One: Don’t Bother

Year One marks the fourth time I’ve walked out of a cinema during the middle of a movie screening, but the first time I’ve done so out of pure disgust*.

Normally, I like Jack Black movies. School of Rock wasn’t bad to watch, Shallow Hal was kind of sweet and even Be Kind, Rewind was at least remotely funny. Don’t get me wrong – a lot of great comedy comes from pushing boundaries and toeing the line between the tasteful and the tasteless, but Year One ignores the line and instead goes straight to the gutter with their humour. It wasn’t funny, sweet or even remotely watchable.

Year One PosterThe story follows a pair of cavemen, Zed and Oh, as they get kicked out of their tribe for eating the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. After some false starts, the pair eventuallly blunder their way to Sodom where… they… do… stuff. I walked out around the point where Oh was rubbing oil on a fat, disgusting, hairy man with eyeshadow.

(Other highlights of the movie that led to my decision to walk out included having to sit through a five minute sequence of a woman sucking a banana and having to watch Jack Black do a whole bunch of disturbing things – made even more disturbing by his over-the-top acting and the fact that Jack Black is doing them.)

I don’t mind it when a comedy pokes fun at Christianity and Judaism. It’s healthy to take a humorous perspective of things that we often take too seriously. Monty Python has managed to do so with the Life of Brian and with sequences and songs such as “All Things Dull and Ugly” and “Every Sperm is Precious”. However, there is such a thing as being too irreverant about things. Year One takes the mickey out of important Biblical figures such as Abraham and Adam, comparing the former to a mental patient and the family of latter to a crowd of degenerates and sexual deviants. The result is fairly insulting, to say the least.

While I’m more than willing to admit that my perspective could have been somewhat coloured due to my religion, it is worth noting that even in Australia where films like Bruno, Borat and American Pie: Band Camp often do well in the box office, Year One was screening in a small, practically empty theatre. The few laughs that the movie got were uncomfortable at best.

It is also worth noting that I wasn’t the only person to walk out of the movie. It was extremely disappointing. What could have been a potentially clever piece of comedy had been totally flushed down the toilet.  The jokes were flat, the sets and costumes were uninteresting and the acting was terribly wooden.

If you’re interested in watching Michael Cera rub oil on a fat, hairy, half-naked homosexual or think that watching Jack Black eating feces is a great idea, you can visit the Year One website for more information at The trailer is at least worth watching, even if the movie isn’t, as it contains the only actually humorous footage of the movie.

Watch Monty Python’s Life of Brian instead.

*Other movies that Cooler Becky walked out on…

  • Practical Magic after the creepy dude comes back to unlife. Cooler Becky, aged 14, started crying.
  • Resident Evil after the black dude turns into a little pile of meat cubes. Cooler Becky, aged 16, was alone in the cinema and couldn’t stomach the terrifying grossness of that scene.
  • Elegy after the movie started. Cooler Becky and her friend were in the wrong cinema and were actually there to watch Monsters vs Aliens.

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