Posted by: coolerbecky | July 10, 2009

Medieval Aliens

The last comic reviewed on this blog was about noir in space. Today’s comic brings aliens to the past!

Get MedievalGet Medieval follows the misadventures of Asher and (to a lesser extent) his family.

When Asher’s dad asked him to pack up for a family trip, he didn’t expect to be on the run from the mafia and he certainly didn’t expect to end up on a primitive steel-aged planet with his father’s accountant, Neithe, watching as his father flies off in the spaceship after a deuterium refill. Now stranded on medieval Earth, Asher has to figure out a way to get back to civilisation as he deals with life without the conveniences of modern technology but with bee shooting catapults and mad monks.

Get Medieval is a four panel comic that updates daily and is syndicated on Live Journal. Its unique concept isn’t badly presented either. As much as she can, Irony tries to avoid obvious Hollywood medieval cliches, but rather presents a well-planned and well thought out story packed with lots of funny jokes. The hilarity doesn’t draw so much from “medieval” jokes as it does from the fact that Asher seems to be the proverbial butt-monkey of the Universe and won’t take it lying down.

The comic is, for the most part, historically accurate as writer and artist Irony-chan is a student of Medieval History at the University of Calgary. Through Asher’s eyes, Irony-chan also draws some parallels between Medieval life and modern concepts to give readers a rough frame of reference as to where each person is in the hierarchy of things.

Being syndicated on Live Journal is not without its drawbacks, however, as the occasional server hiccup can cause comics to disappear randomly. It’s also difficult to access the archives for specific strips or find specific story arcs. On the positive side, Live Journal does allow for reader commentary and most of Get Medieval’s readership is at least somewhat interested in Medieval History as well, making comments a worthwhile read for the fun facts about various things that occur in Asher’s adventures.

Although Get Medieval finished its run in January 2008, it is now re-running with informative commentary and is still worth checking out. Get Medieval can be found at

Irony-chan has since moved on to draw two other comics with clever concepts. Knowledge is Power ( about a bunch of University students who get super powers based on their majors and Dumnestor’s Heroes ( about a group of Dungeons and Dragons players.

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