Posted by: coolerbecky | July 9, 2009

Rockin’ All Over the World

For Tatya’s birthday, her husband, Ivan, bought her an entire Guitar Hero World Tour set complete with drum and microphone. Being the sort of present that had to be enjoyed immediately, Tatya proceeded to do just that – distributing instruments to various people at the party for much rocking out. The following quotations and conversations are all centered around the enjoyment of the game.

Firstly, Morag, who was on vocals for most of the evening.

Morag: I don’t know this song! Ah nevermind, I’ll just make some s*** up. The machine won’t know the difference.

Tatya’s housemate, Paddy was on drums. The only problem with this was that Paddy, being an engineer, was pre-marinated prior to arrival at the party and had spent the rest of the evening attempting, but failing to get more sober. The resulting pickling severely impaired that his ability to pick out rhythms with the drumsticks to the point.  Despite being in “beginner” mode where hitting any drum would automatically score points regardless of which drum is hit, Paddy still managed to get an incredibly low score.

While Paddy played the drums, Tatya’s dog, Lulu, also tried to join in the fun by resting in front of the television, resulting in the following (unintentionally) hilarious statement from myself (on lead guitar).

Me: Lulu darling, I love you very, very much, but I can’t concentrate at all with you between my legs.
Paddy: I know a few lead guitarists who would keep playing despite having a big, black, hairy beasts between their legs.

Always is a good time to rock.

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