Posted by: coolerbecky | July 8, 2009

So, What’s All This Then?!

So, what’s all this then?!

After a week of two of deliberation, Cooler Becky has decided to pack her bags and move over to WordPress where the service is more professional, the tools are more useful and the amount of space for pictures is nice and vast.

True, this means that she’ll have to give up precious things like the possibility of earning money with Google Adwords, but we’ve heard that WordPress may have an Adwords like feature in the future.  Besides, Cooler Becky was only using Google Adwords to figure out her readership and had only managed to earn US$1.52 with it anyway.

As expected, there should be some hiccups during the move, not for long.  The new blog should be up and running properly as soon as Cooler Becky figures out how everything works here at WordPress.  She’s already tested a few things and rather likes the service.

We hope you enjoy the nifty new look!  A few new sections have been added to Cooler Becky’s page.  You can now browse through Cooler Becky’s resume and an About Me and FAQs section are scheduled to be put up within the next month or so.

The old URL –, will remain up for another 2 weeks, after which all posts will be taken down. The old blog will also be deleted after a month of inactivity, so please update your bookmarks accordingly.  We apologise in advance to everyone who signed up for the E-mail feed.  Cooler Becky is trying to figure out how to get the same service working at WordPress, but it will take her some time.


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