Posted by: coolerbecky | July 6, 2009

Salty Coffee and Sheep Cakes

I like sheep. I think the word is funny – it’s its own plural. While they are terribly smelly, sheep are cute animals with silly expressions on their faces. They are useful for their wool and last but not least, they are extremely tasty.

SheepcakeSo, when I saw this cute little sheep cake in the window of a shop, I couldn’t help but stop to check the shop out.

The cafe in question is called 85°C because that is apparently the best temperature to serve coffee. The cafe is part of a chain that is based in Taiwan. They specialise in a variety of delicious Asian-styled Italian sponge cakes and other light desserts, which is a big difference from the heavy mud cakes that are so popular in Australia.

panna cottaThe store is quite small, with most of the space dedicated to the kitchen and shelving. It’s more of a takeaway shop, really, though a short two-seat counter is provided for people who want to eat their cakes there.

Cakes are 85°C are easy on the eye, having apparently been developed by star quality pastry chefs. The level of care taken to make the cakes does show, as they are extremely delicious with just the right combination of ingredients baked to a level of light perfection. The cake selection is very wide and extremely attractive, but quite pricey with a tiny panna cotta costing $3.50. Still, with the expensive ingredients that they use at 85°C, like Hokkaido cheese, the steep price is almost worth it.

BearcakeIncidentally, if you don’t like sheep, here is a picture of a bear cake from the same shop*.

85°C also sells coffee, their latest special being a coffee that’s salted with sea salt instead of sweetened. Being a non-coffee drinker, my palate rebelled against idea of salty coffee, which I’m sure would have hardened my arteries to the point of breakage. I’ve been told that it is an acquired taste and is apparently very delicious.

For more information about 85°C, you can check out their website at

*If you don’t like sheep OR bears, 85°C also makes a variety of other cute animal cakes, but what is wrong with you?!

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