Posted by: coolerbecky | July 4, 2009

Things to do on a Saturday Morning… Grocery Shopping

MarketIf you’re peckish on Saturday mornings and like getting your food fresh, check out the Good Living Growers’ Market at Pyrmont. The market is held on the first Saturday of every month and boasts a great spread of over eighty-five stalls serving all sorts of mouthwatering delights.

Market StallA first quick stroll around the park brings you into contact with stalls selling raw ingredients from organically grown vegetables to pork from happy, free range pigs. Stall owners are friendly, charismatic and more than willing to share suggestions and recipes for the cooking of their wares. Prices aren’t too steep either – a bag of ten huge organic apples costs about $6.

Further in, the market moves from raw ingredients to all sorts of snacks and meals with stalls from every sort of cafe and patisserie. Here, there are tables set up for people to eat while listening to live music from guitar-playing buskers. There’s the traditional Australian sausage sizzle, stalls selling strange blends of coffee and even places that cater to specialised diets – a deli selling sheep cheese for the lactose intolerant and a gluten-free cake shop.

Black PotatoesThe Good Living Growers’ Market is sponsored by the Sydney Morning Herald and was started in 1999 and has since expanded to be an internationally recognised event. The market is held on the first Saturday of every month at Pyrmont Bay Park, the small green area that’s directly opposite the entrance to Star City Casino’s lyric theatre.

For more information about the Growers’ Market and for dates when the market is held, visit their official website at

Incidentally, Cooler Becky wishes all her American readers a very happy Independence Day. I hope that you enjoy bright and beautiful fireworks this year without accidentally setting your houses on fire. Seriously. The number of fire-related accidents in America rises drastically on Independence Day every year.

Also, it’s Tatya’s birthday. Happy birthday, Tatya.

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