Posted by: coolerbecky | July 2, 2009

Future Noir

Today’s post is brought to you by Mr Jason Argosy of Lucidia Fantasy (, who brought Buck Godot to Cooler Becky’s attention.

BuckGodotBuck Godot follows the adventures of the titular Buck Godot, ex-security chief of the corrupt freight guild, x-Tel, now a rotund mercenary for hire. Despite his large girth, Buck is incredibly good at his job and his prices are steep – often in the 5 figure bracket, plus expenses – and boy are there a lot of expenses, Buck works his way through collateral damage the same way that Superman regularly destroys Metropolis.

Buck lives on the space colony of New Hong Kong, the only colony in the known Universe where he can lie low from his previous employers as the only law on the colony is that “there is no law”. There, Buck spends his days downing various drinks in Asteroid Al’s Bar in an attempt to relax between jobs.

Like many other science fiction pieces such as Bladerunner and The Minority Report, Buck Godot draws heavily from noir influences. The main character is very much a noir character – he drinks heavily, he has a gruff exterior that covers his heart of gold and he always gets the job done. However, beyond those things, the comic doesn’t follow noir conventions. Buck is more often hired by aliens than he is by sexy, slinky femme fatales and situations are highly comical.

The comic doesn’t offer many explanations as to Buck’s skills or abilities, nor does it really go into strong detail about how the universe is run. It jumps straight into the action – a formula which works incredibly well.

Buck is also a great main character, a real underdog type with a resourceful brain. Like Doctor Who, he has a tendency to function best in high-pressure circumstances, although unlike the good doctor, he tends to be highly destructive, preferring to shoot first and maybe ask questions later.

The comic has some very great writing going for it. It’s hilarious without being over the top or ridiculous and the the one liners that Buck and his friends drop are great for a belly laugh.

Buck Godot is written and drawn by Phil Foglio, an extremely prolific cartoonist and comic book writer famed for his humourous science fiction and fantasy work. The titular character was first introduced for the publication Just Imagine, published by Denny Misinger and is based on Phil’s real life friend, John Buckley.

The comic has just finished its online run and can be found at While Phil Foglio does not seem to have any plans to write more Buck comics, the two Buck Godot graphic novels can also be purchased at the same address.

Phil Foglio is also the co-creator of Girl Genius, a popular gaslamp fantasy comic. Girl Genius has a large online following and can be found at

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