Posted by: coolerbecky | June 21, 2009

Father’s Day Prayer

Apparently it’s Father’s Day in everywhere except for Australia and New Zealand. So, to all Fathers out there, Happy Father’s Day.

One of the rather strange things about being a Christian is the fact that we consider God to be our Father. We’ve even been instructed by His Son to consider ourselves adopted into his family, which is pretty good.

We are even instructed to start our prayers by acknowledging this – “Our Father in Heaven…” (Matthew 6:9). I’ve even heard of one or two Christians who address Him as Dad when they pray. It’s the great secret to Christian prayer. Fathers have a habit of doing what’s best for their kids and God is no different, in fact, being all-knowing, he has a tendency to know what’s really the best for us (Matthew 7:9-10).

So give your Dad a call to wish him a Happy Father’s Day today and, if you’re Christian, give Our Father a prayer as well. He’s a very good Father.

This article has been crossposted to Contemplation at – a resource for Christians started by my Earthly Dad.


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