Posted by: coolerbecky | June 20, 2009

Lords and Ladies

Every year, the Barony of Rowany holds a Soiree. The Soiree is a feast of soups, breads and all sorts of other delicious delights accompanied by medieval entertainment in the form of dancing, singing and storytelling. You bring your own eating implements, dress up nice and chow down as much as you can.

The evening’s feasting began with a delicious selection of two soups (one meat and one vegetarian) and fresh-baked bread with a pat of butter. This was accompanied by a rousing song and two stories. Sweet and spicy mulled cider was brought out to match the soups, giving the evening a rather cheerful touch.

After the lighter meal of soup was finished with, it was noted that the soiree hall was cold, so a round of dancing was called for. Skirts swirled, boots thumped against the floor and much merriment was had.

The second course was a serving of sweet chicken and almond patties, accompanied with honeyed carrots and peas in butter. For the vegetarians, there was a baked Swede Lasagna.

Rootveg_rutabagaNot ThisSince the Swede Lasagna is a vegetarian dish, it was not actually made of the meat of the Swedish population, but rather of a kind of vegetable better known to Americans and possibly Canadians as the rutabaga or yellow turnip, though the Scots call them neep, which is quite silly, really – but so are Scots. (Cooler Becky does NOT condone cannibalism. You should check with local laws before attempting to consume actual Swedes.)

This being my first time eating Swedes, I must say that the flavour of the dish was quite unexpected, but extremely delicious. In any case, if the second course was consumed in due course while a number of tales were told, including the terrible tale of “Sven-I-Am”. Music was played and many, many madrigals were sung. Before dessert was served, there was a rousing chorus of drinking songs, which was timed to coincide with the serving of mulled wine.

Dessert came in two types, the former being a simple custard tart and the latter being some sort of delicious spiced apple, almond and sultana goop. This was followed by a toast to the King and Queen and more dancing.

All in all, a very satisfactory evening.

Now if you are actually a member of the SCA in Rowany and didn’t go to this wonderful event, I would be unable to comprehend why. The evening was completely fun with lots of delicious food and beautiful music.

If you’re not a member of the SCA, I hope that my retelling of the evening’s events has tempted you somewhat to joining. It really is great fun. You can find out more about the SCA at their website, or about the Barony of Rowany at

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