Posted by: coolerbecky | June 19, 2009

Three Little Mice

According to my description, I live alone with three mice. This is correct, and to prove it, here is a photograph of said rodents. I understand that it is fairly blurry and poorly taken, but you must understand that they are mice and therefore, not very easy to take photographs of – being little constantly vibrating balls of fluff, they tend to become blurry.

The three mice in the tank (which is a holding tank, because I am loathe to take pictures of them in their actual cage), are Dungeons and Dragons alignment colour coded for your convenience.

The black hooded one is called Winnie after the two spots on her back looking like a windows sigil. This is also another obvious sign of her evilness, for indeed she is evil – she would bite your finger so much as look at you. Winnie is rogue-like in her evilness, often indulging in such activities like sneak-attacks and leap-attacks.

The blue grey and small-sized mouse is Mim, (short for Madame Mim) so named for her blue fur. Mim is clearly a neutral mouse – generally uninterested in anything that anyone is doing, though she does love her sesame seeds.

Finally, we come to the good mouse, Harleen. Harleen is the oldest of the mouse crew and is also the sweetest, kindest little thing. She loves people and will come up to nuzzle them.

Oddly enough, Winnie, with her terrible temper, is Harleen’s daughter. It seems that good behaviour doesn’t often move across from mouse to mouse.

Incidentally, both Harleen and Winnie are terribly interested in people, whereas Mim doesn’t much care for people either way. Harleen wants to nuzzle fingers, Winnie just wants to bite them off.


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