Posted by: coolerbecky | June 5, 2009

Things to do with Alice Cooper’s Pants

By now, I expect that everyone pretty much knows that I’m going to see Mr Cooper’s concert. I know it’s terribly amiss of me, but I’ve been pretty much raving about it since I got the tickets.

Our first quotation of the day comes from my beloved mother, a lovely homemaker who runs a pretty good home. In fact, this was the very first thing she said to me upon seeing me online.

Mum: You should sell your pants. I’m sure you’ll make a lot off them on E-bay.

Our second quotation comes from the guy at the local EB. Wave hello, dude from the local EB! For the sake of me pretending to remember his name, I shall call him… EB Dude.

Me: I suppose I could probably get the pants framed and hung up in my bedroom.
EB Dude: Yes, and if you seal it correctly, you can open it every once in a while and go… *sniiiiff* Aaaah, it still smells of him.
Me: Okay, I’m a rabid fan, but I’m not that rabid…
EB Dude: If they’re hanging in your bedroom, you could really put the pressure on potential boyfriends.
Me: What? By pointing to them and saying, “He is watching”?
EB Dude: I’ve got one better! If you want to dump someone, you could point to them and say, “Sorry, but you’ll never fill those.”
Me: That… That is the best idea ever.

Finally, a quote from a couple at my Bible Study group. Rob and Chrie are courting and they graciously gave me a lift home after I cooked a meal for everyone.

Rob: So, you’re getting the pants framed up?
Me: Well, that’s if I actually get a pair of his pants.
Chrie: You could get it framed up under glass that reads “In case of Emergency, Break Glass”.
Me: What sorts of emergencies would I need Mr Cooper’s pants for?
Rob: Well, you never know…

I think a combination of the latter two will serve me quite well. Mind you, the idea that I might get a signed pair of Mr Cooper’s pants is purely speculative. I don’t actually know what merchandise I will be getting from the VIP ticket and I doubt it includes a pair of Mr Cooper’s pants.

Still, feel free to comment on any other ideas you may have for things to do with Mr Cooper’s pants.

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