Posted by: coolerbecky | June 4, 2009

More Surreal Conversations about Shock Rockers

Another conversation about the fact that I will be meeting Mr Cooper in person.

This is with Mr Larsen, a friend of mine who loves David Bowie a whole lot. I quote him directly here: “If David Bowie gave me a night, I would totally take him up on the offer. I mean, it’s David Bowie.”

Larsen: If you feel like you’re about to faint. You should tell the guy next to you to get ready to catch you. Better yet, find the cutest guy in the room and faint into his arms.
Me: They’re all metalheads.
Larsen: Then uh, I guess you could just… uhm… find the least disgusting person in the room and faint on them.
Me: That would be Mr Cooper.
Larsen: Someone who has clean hair.
Me: That just ruled out Mr Cooper.
Larsen: Y’know, the floor is looking pretty good.
Me: Yes, I think I will just fall on the floor if it comes to that.

Mr Larsen is not gay. No, seriously, he isn’t. He’s totally straight.

You can give him more love by listening to his podcast at


  1. XD that is beautiful.

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