Posted by: coolerbecky | May 31, 2009

…I Got Better

If you all remember, a few weeks ago, I had a knitting needle through my leg. Those following the news will know that by now, I am much recovered and have only a small scar where the needle went in. So, all is well. Please do not worry.

The following conversation is brought to you courtesy of my sister, regarding my accident prone nature.

Sister: Really, I don’t know why you have all these hobbies that involve sharp things. You really should be more careful!
Me: Sheesh, it’s not like it happens everyday. I don’t get stabbed through on a regular basis.
Sister: OH REALLY?! You are like a walking magnet for sharp objects.
Me: Am NOT!
Sister: You could cut yourself on your socks.
Me: Since when?
Sister: Since always! Sometimes, I don’t even know how you pour food or drinks. It’s like it all got into the bowl by accident. *Pause* No wait… that’s my husband. Nevermind then.

My sister certainly has great faith in me.

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