Posted by: coolerbecky | May 29, 2009

All Packed Up and Going Somewhere

The post today is brought to you backdated (and therefore NOT live) from somewhere in Australia. I have been assured that we are at the foot of the Blue Mountains, but I do not know which foot it is.

Left work early today to get packed up for the trip. This being a church camp, I’ve been careful to pack enough clothes for the weekend, plus toiletries.

Since I can’t drive, I had to carpool in the McCorkindale’s car. Crammed in neatly with my pillow and overcoat, I got to meet the McCorkindales, a lovely couple who are expecting a child. Two others were in the backseat with me.

It is obvious from this post that I have arrived safely here. However, having reached the convention centre, I must admit that I am not a hoopy frood.

I seem to have forgotten my towel.


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