Posted by: coolerbecky | May 28, 2009

61 Years Old, 12000 km Away and Yet, We Swoon

Since I was feeling low, I asked my friend, Tracey, to come over and hang out with me. Tracey is an engaged redhead. She’s an accountant by day and a play director by night. So, yes, she is maybe, an 8 on the 1 to 10 coolness scale.

Tracey swung by with steaks, arriving at the Becky Shack at about 6.30 PM or so. Being the huge fan of Alice Cooper that I am, I get my daily dose of Mr Cooper’s radio show, Nights with Alice Cooper, by tuning my computer into Rebel FM on the Gold Coast. Since I don’t like to miss my favourite radio show, we kept the music on while we cooked steaks on the stove.

Halfway while the steaks were done…

Radio Cooper: … because every night is a special night when you’re with me… (a pause) …baby.
Me: …Did… did Mr Cooper just hit on us?
Tracey: Yes… Yes, I think he just did!
Me: … He hit on us all the way from Arizona via the Gold Coast. That’s more than 12000 km away.
Tracey: Yet… we both liked that.
Me: Yes, this is true.

The steaks turned out all the better for it. They were delicious and cooked to perfection.

Tracey is currently directing the play “The Stag King” for the theatre troupe PJE Presents. You can find out more about them at their website,

You can also be loved by Mr Cooper on his radio show at

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