Posted by: coolerbecky | May 19, 2009


Today, I put a knitting needle through my leg. It was a size 4.0 knitting needle, so it wasn’t very thick. There’s two holes where it’s gone through now, a clear entry and exit wound, but the doctor at the clinic patched it up well, so there shouldn’t be any scars.

It happened pretty quickly. I was on the phone having an interview with a potential employer when I stumbled somewhat. I actually don’t recall feeling any pain at all but kept talking with the interviewer while pacing up and down.

When the call was over, I moved over to the kitchen and wondered why my leg hurt so much. I looked down and saw it. A steel knitting needle sticking out of my lower leg.

It actually didn’t look that gruesome until I (in a fit of stupidity) pulled out the needle. Not only did that hurt like $#*(&%, but it also started bleeding all over the place. Needless to say, I was not thrilled.

I bandaged the thing up and walked to the nearby clinic, bloodied needle in hand, moved up to the reception desk and babbled to the clerk, “It went through my leg! It went through my leg!”

Thankfully, since I was bleeding all over the reception counter, the receptionist let me see a doctor immediately. I got patched up and learned a valuable lesson – although I have steady hands, it’s always recommended that I do not pull out any objects sticking out of my delicate flesh. It’s better to let the doctor do it, since she’ll anesthetise you first.


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