Posted by: coolerbecky | May 9, 2009

Star Trek: The AWESOME Experience

A conversation via mobile phone with my friend Drew, who happened to owe me big time for flaking out on me a week prior.

Star Trek MovieDrew: I finally figured out how to repay you.
Me: How?
Drew: Star Trek? IMax. You free Saturday?
Drew: Tickets booked, 9th May, 3.30 PM screening. Meet at your place?
Me: YES. See you Saturday.


Okay, so the story is set in an alternate universe Star Trek Original Series with double the Spock, but that isn’t the point… The point is… THAT THE SHOW WAS AWESOME!

Okay. I’ll calm down. (Theshowwasawesome!) Breathe in… breathe out… (Totallyawesomeshow!) breathe in… calm… calm…

Well, Star Trek the movie, in a nutshell? Totally unexpected, with the potential to be crap, but ended up pretty awesome. I won’t make any bones about it, I’m absolutely sure that opinions on this one will be greatly divided.

There were plenty of great in-joke moments and lots of things that fans could squee at. At the same time, the fact that it’s an alternate universe totally makes the story kinda… weird.

Kirk was a bit poncy but cool. Spock was ugly and very poncy.

Uhura was okay. The actress they picked for her would never be able to stand up to Ms Nichols.

Bones was not poncy and I wish I saw more of him in the movie. He had some ripper lines, but most his lines were pretty much “I’m a doctor not a [Random Occupation]!”, which was pretty disappointing. Star Trek writing staff, I am GLARING at you.

Scotty was GREAT! Scotty was hilarious! I loved the casting and I loved the way he was discovered too! Seeing him made me all happy inside.

Chekov… Oh man, where do I begin? Oh, I’ll just go with what I thought immediately after seeing him. He was so adorable! I just wanted to reach out and pinch his rosy cheeks! Heck, the guy looked so young, he made me feel old! And I’m only 25!

And finally SULU! I love Sulu! I love every bit of Sulu! I love the fact that he IS Sulu! It doesn’t matter who they cast as Sulu – I noticed that the actor was Korean, not Japanese (Facial structure just doesn’t match Japanese people), but he was still acting as Sulu, and that made him AWESOME. Okay, I am a total Sulu fangirl. I admit. There was only one tiny problem, however… You can’t fence with a samurai sword.

On the big screen, it was a little difficult to see everything that was going on, but the experience was jaw-droppingly good. Watching battles in space made me feel immersed in the action. I felt like I was standing there. I cried a little, yelled a bit… clapped and cheered…

And that, my friends, is why the experience was TOTALLY AWESOME.

Well, except for the girl who was on her cellphone for the entire movie. Seriously, don’t go to a movie if you’re not planning to watch it.

And now, I leave you with a memorable quotation from before the movie…

“From the people who brought you EVEREST… THE ALPS.”

For more information about Star Trek, you can get to their official website at

Edit: Apparently the actor for Sulu was Korean, not Chinese.


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