Posted by: coolerbecky | April 15, 2009

Hang Out With Me or DIEEEEEE~!

Today, I met a new person. See, it is Easter Monday. I have the day off and as usual, I’m home alone and bored to tears.

So, after a few phone calls to some friends later, all of whom are busy, I find myself walking back to the EGG, the video games club that I helped found some years ago while I was still attending UTS.

Upon reaching the club, I am greeted by a sea of faces, which are more or less plastered to computer screens. Unsurprising, really. So, as usual, I head around the room asking for people to hang out with me. No takers. There’s a game of DOTA going on and it will probably take the next hour or two.

Funnily enough, this does not solve my immediate problem of boredom. I have not come all the way from home just to be bored at EGG. If I wanted to be bored, I could always have my boredom at home and save myself the trip.

Spotting my ex-boyfriend Subfuture, I head up to him…

Me: Yo. Subfuture. Hang out with me.
Subfuture: I just started this game, besides I have a new girlfriend. Why don’t you ask the new guy?

Subfuture points. I look. Lo and behold, there really, truly is a new guy. He was in the corner, playing on his DS. Since he was new, I decided to invite him out.

Me: Hey you. Hang out with me or I shall poke you with my pointy pointy umbrella.
New Guy: Uh. Okay.
Me: Sweet.

So, we hung out. We went to shops, got my Playstation 2 modded, ate cupcakes and Korean food and walked all over town. It was a fun day.

Incidentally, this story has a moral. Do not threaten people to hang out with you… Two days later, while hanging out with this new guy, I tripped over my own umbrella and got poked by it.

Oh, and the new guy’s name is Mr Larsen.

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