Posted by: coolerbecky | November 3, 2006

Gisaku: The Movie

gisakuA samurai with nothing better to do travels to Spain, where he sits in a cave and meditates for 300 years, just so that he can go on a cliché recycled-plot adventure with a bunch of teenage heroes.

Based on a popular Spanish cartoon of the same name, Gisaku is very much The Da Vinci Code for kids, but using Don Quixote as the secret cipher instead of Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa.

The above sentence pretty much sums up the entire plot of Gisaku – it’s like watching a summary of an average B-grade kung fu movie, only without the kung fu and chock full of lovey-dovey happy-cuddly moralistic themes like “teamwork” that have absolutely nothing to do with the movie.

To make matters worse, the characters are almost without a doubt, utterly one-dimensional, with little to no character development throughout the movie. It’s like they came ready-made out of a box of cliché anime characters.

This movie does have its saving graces, however. The art is beautifully detailed, showing visions of the Spanish countryside and cityscape. Historical facts about the Spanish Empire are also revealed throughout the movie, making it a fun watch for kids.

Still, I’d gloss over this title in favour of something a little less clichéd.

This review is taken from Insights and is a part of Cooler Becky’s published portfolio. The original review can be accessed at


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